Wednesday, February 21, 2007

World Watch Releases 2006 State of the Environment Report

To get a copy of the report go here: Global Footprint Network

"The dramatic rise of China and India presents one of the gravest threats - and greatest opportunities - facing the world today, says the WorldWatch Institute in its State of the World 2006 report. The choices these countries make in the next few years will lead the world either towards a future of growing ecological and political instability - or down a development path based on efficient technologies and better stewardship of resources."

"Rising demand for energy, food, and raw materials by 2.5 billion Chinese and Indians is already having ripple effects worldwide," says Worldwatch President Christopher Flavin.

NOTE: We as individuals must also do our share in changing our consumption pattern to a much more environmentally friendly pattern. THINK GREEN in everything you do and especially when making purchasing decisions (in most cases simply ask yourself: do I really need it?)

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