Sunday, April 23, 2006

One Chapter Soon Finished

Dear 1-earth Blog Readers,

The MSc. in Environmental Management that I am currently taking at National University of Singapore is soon drawing to an end as the last semester's exams are coming up. I have therefore recently been very busy preparing for the exams, the dissertation and at the same looking for work in the environmental field. This last task will soon be my highest priority as I hope to get out there and work for the environment and put what I have learned into practice as soon as my dissertation has been submitted (in June).

There are in particular two areas in the environmental field that I would like to work in and they are:

1. Global Climate Change
2. Conservation/Biodoversity.

Although these two areas are the closest to my heart I would also consider working in other areas. My main working experience is from ASEAN, China (including Hong Kong) and Taiwan. As I want to leverage my extensive experience from these geographic regions in my future environmental career I hope to find work that deals with these geographic regions.

I am very committed to the environment and to work for change on the ground and with the public, governments, the private sector, NGO's and other stakeholders. I am particularly interested in policy related research and lobbying. So if you hear of any opportunities out there that could be of interest please drop me a note.

Have a happy GREEN day everyone!

Trond Lovdal