Saturday, August 12, 2006

Amazon drought! Climate change

How can it be? Severe drought in the Amazon region, where the world's largest river runs. This is a scary example of how climate change is already effecting our planet at accelerating speed. Scientists thought that this region would not be effected by global warming for several more decades, but it is already happening!

See this video by Greenpeace:

And also watch: Shocking images from Amazon jungle

Thursday, August 03, 2006

New job as Manager for Tiger Friendly Certification

In July 2006 I was offered the position of Tiger Friendly Certification Manager with Wildlife Conservation Society (Russia). I will now be based in Vladivostok, Russia Far East where I will be working on helping conserve the Amur (Siberian) tiger by reducing human-tiger conflicts. We do this through economic incentives to hunters and community members in tiger territories via the Tiger Friendly Certification Scheme. The idea is that these economic incentives will be strong enough to stop poachers from killing tigers and its prey (ungulates). My contract with WCS is until June, 2007 so I have nearly a year to help make a difference in Amur tiger conservation efforts. The project has received about US$ 97,000 in funding from the World Bank. To read more about the WCS project I will be managing please visit: World Bank Development Marketplace: Tiger Friendly Certification in Russia Far East

WCS also has some information about the project on its website: WCS - Tigers and Hunters

This project is also very interesting because it deals with issues at the intersection of development, business, and conservation. Tiger conservation is the ultimate goal of the project, but it is understood that to be effective in addressing the issue of tiger conservation one must also address the issue of development, poverty alleviation and local capacity building as these issues are all interlinked.

I will also in all likelihood be involved in transboundary tiger conservation co-operation between Russia and China due to my background from China (work and masters degree in Chinese politics) and this will also be og great interest to me.

This will be a huge change in my life as I now will be moving to Russia, something which I previously have never considered. However, I feel that this is a unique opportunity for me to get some valuable wildlife conservation experience and to help conserve one of the rarest sub-species of tigers in the world. I am therefore looking very much forward to take up my position with WCS and I sincerely hope that I can make a difference helping reduce human-tiger conflicts and thus help conserve the rare Amur tiger.