Friday, January 19, 2007

Climate Change Impacts in Africa

We all know about Katrina and the deadly floodings and storms in Europe. In two previous postings (11 October 06 and 12 August 06) 1-Earth featured video clips showing how climate change has caused droughts in Asia and South America. Now it is time to look at how climate change is impacting another impoverished region of the world: Africa.

We need no more proof, global climate change is happening now and everywhere and impacting the already impoverished regions to a much higher extent than the rich regions. The videoclips below illustrates what is happening right now in Africa as a result of climate change induced by our unsustainable living and extraction of earth's resources.

Climate Change & Africa:

One World - No Second Chance

Monday, January 01, 2007

Link of the month: Climate Change News Digest

I have recently come across this great internet news portal on climate change called Climate Change News Digest and I want to share it with as many of 1-earth blog readers as possible. It is one of the most comprehensive online news portals I have come across concerning climate change issues.

Climate Change News Digest has this to say about themselves:

"Climate Change News is an internet news portal that provides constantly updated links to the latest news on climate change. All articles are filtered to remove the repetition and rubbish and leave only the relevant. The aim of Climate Change News is to promote a broader view of climate change and to show how inherently it is linked to political, economic, ethical and even philosophical issues", and

"Currently the mainstream media is not presenting a broad coherent view of what is going on; it is up to us to join the dots. Here's an example: Leaked drafts of the 2007 IPCC report have revised upwards the lowest limits of temperature rise to 3°C. Scientists have already said that a 2°C rise will lead to runaway global warming. Come to your own conclusion, then visit the action and links pages to see examples of what can be done".

So check out CCND for the latest news on climate change for your daily dose of climate reality and rationale for cutting back on consumption and more reasons to get involved in or support the environmental movement.