Thursday, February 15, 2007

Tracking and Survey Training, Russia

WCS Russia have just completed a training course for representatives from China in how to conduct tiger and ungulate monitoring and tracking. Eight Chinese attended the training. The training was given to WCS China staff and representatives from Hun Chun Nature Reserve. Here John Goodrich is showing the group how WCS is tracking radio collared tigers and how to get an approximate location of the animal (in this case an adult female tiger). It was a very enthusiastic group that took part in the 3 day training program in Sikhote Allin Nature Reserve.

In the second picture my group is taking a lunch break after we have walked for about 6 km to track animals (I am the person closest to the tree). This day we found many tracks from various ungulates and even a set of relative fresh tiger tracks, probably a young male tiger. The next training session was held in China where we conducted tiger, leopard and ungulate monitoring and surveys along with the training for about 20 staff from WCS and Hun Chun Nature Reserve.


Anbarasi said...
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Anbarasi said...

Good experience,
Have any tigers been already radio collared ?

P-J Koe said...

Grrrrr... Roar!

See my entry under Hun Chun.