Sunday, February 18, 2007

Happy New Year of the (Wild) Boar to All

I would like to wish everyone a big Happy Lunar New Year! The year of the boar (pig) is supposed to be a year of wealth and happiness for most Chinese animal signs. Maybe this year we can share this wealth with Earth and spend some of it on charities and volunteer organizations working towards a better and healthier planet. Or even better yet, make a decision to give some of your time to these organizations as many of them are looking for volunteers. One organization I personally would like to highlight is Acres in Singapore. They are doing a lot of valuable work drawing attention to the plight of animals, the illegal wildlife trade and animal welfare in general. Acres works to raise awareness on a variety of animal welfare issues and, as of May 2006 Acres had conducted more than 120 roadshows and/or educational talks throughout Singapore.

Acres aims are to:
- Foster respect and compassion for all animals.
- Improve the living conditions and welfare of animals in captivity.
- Educate people on lifestyle choices which do not involve the abuse of animals and which are environment-friendly.

You can visit their website at:

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