Monday, January 30, 2006

Practical Earth Care

How we live our daily lives have a great impact on Earth and sustainability. Besides changing our lifestyle one can also start volunteering for organizations whose aim it is to improve our environment. If we all pitch in 1-2 days a month (or even in a year) helping out, a lot can be accomplished. l have listed 3 organizations in the links section that I volunteer for. There are many others out there. You can also become a member and thereby support these organizations or give memberships as gifts to friends and family. If you cannot spend the time for whatever reason most of these organizations also accept donations. Other ways to volunteer is to write stories for newsletters, local newspapers, etc.

To see me in action please refer to the links below:

NUS Kentridge Park
Labrador Park Clean Up

Thanks for the links Anbu.

The first photo below is from the Labrador Park Clean Up (I am third from the left). In the second picture I am volunteering at Kent Ridge Park, helping in clearing and controlling invasive species (Smilax). As you can see I literally had the work "cut out" for me. We removed something like 20 huge bags of smilax that day.

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