Thursday, January 26, 2006

1-EARTH Start up kit

I guess that so far only a few of my friends and possibly a couple of my classmates have had the fortune (or misfortune) of reading my blog that I have just started. As the name indicates it is all about Earth care. Unfortunately I believe that not many people understand or are concerned with taking care about the most precious thing to all of us in the universe: EARTH.

Earth cares for us by giving us life, shelter, nourishment, a livelihood, entertainment, and so forth. Is it not about time that we reciprocate? This blog will be a starter for me on my path towards informing friends, family, classmates and the wider public about what we can do in our own small ways to help care for Earth. As there are already many websites out there discussing issues related to climate change, biodiversity conservation and other urgent environmental issues I will help direct my readers towards some of these sites that I have found more useful.

Please feel free to write in any comments and suggestions you may have on how to improve on this blog. Photographs and stories are also welcome, but they must be related to Earth care or global environmental issues. Also if you have any innovative ideas, found a good webiste, etc. on how to be a responsible earth citizen and how to care for Earth please also post it here.

So here we go, the official launch of the 1-EARTH blog.

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