Thursday, April 26, 2007

Urbanization a Huge Threat to Biodiversity

UNITED NATIONS, Apr 24 (IPS) - Disproportionate growth of the world's urban population could result in further loss of many forms of life on Earth, warn experts in the sciences of climate change and biodiversity.

"With more than 3.2 billion people residing in the cities, for the first time the world's urban population now exceeds the number of those living in rural areas".

Not only is population growth in itself aggravating biodiversity loss and climate change as more consumers are eating into earth's finite resources, but habitation patterns add further strain on earth's resources and the environment. This news article published by Inter Press Service News Agency illustrates very well the challenges of urbanization to our environment and ultimately its impact on biodiversity and climate change. A green and ethical modicum of living is the only solution if our planet is to withstand the pressure. As highlighted in several previous postings we must seriously rethink our consumption patterns or else the earth will simply give in.

To read the article in full check out this link: Cities Eating Up Resources and Habitat


Rani said...

Hi trond, great blog! I think it's not urbanization per-se that is harmful to the environment, on the other hand, urbanization can be good because it confines human environment in urban environment. If a city is designed as compact and efficient, with public transport and sustainable energy, for example, it is very good for the environment. But the one that is harmful to environment is urban sprawl, just like in the USA, where cities just expand uncontrollably and create dependencies to cars and fossil fuel.

Trond Lovdal said...

hi rani,
glad you appreciate the blog and thanks for your comment. i have to agree with your statement. what is wrong is not urbanization per se, but the rate at which it happens and not to mention the unsustainable way it happens. urbanization done rightly with careful attention to the environment can more than off-set the negative impacts it has on the environment. let's hope that city planners all around the world have the same understanding about sustainable urban development that you have.
all the best