Saturday, March 03, 2007

Online Activism, it works!

Anbarasi has recently sent me an e-mail telling me about her experiences with online activism and how YOU can also help influence decision makers to take a pro-environment view by going online. She writes:

"Online activism quite works, recently I got a very positive letter from one of the governments, a very personalised letter as I personalised my petition. Infact I am glad that it WORKS".

WWF has some very good suggestions on how to be effective with online activism. Please check out this link for some good suggestions: Tips for effective activism

And do keep in mind that nature conservation and the environment are no longer local issues only, but rather global concerns. What happens to the environment in India, Norway or Russia concerns YOU whether you are from these countries or a completely different part of the world. Therefore, if there is something that you feel strongly about in another country you should get involved regardless and petition the government to change its policies. WWF has several online campaigns going that you can take part in. Have a look at their website and pick at least one campaign that you want to help out by petitioning online. WWF Worldwide Campaigns

Also check out 1-EARTH's "Action Alert of the Month" at the top right corner of the blog for ongoing online environmental campaigns featured by 1-EARTH.

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