Saturday, October 07, 2006

Link of the Month: Wildlife Conservation Society

Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) is the organization I found work with after finishing my MSc. degree in Environmental Management. It is an incredibly interesting organization to work for and my work as a Manager for the Tiger Friendly Certification Program is multi-faceted as it touches on aspects of biodiversity conservation, sustainable development, community development and poverty alleviation. It has received a grant of US$ 97,000 from the World Bank. To read more about the project please visit: World Bank Development Marketplace: Tiger Friendly Certification in Russia Far East

Below is a short clip on the Amur Tiger and its current condition. This is the sub-specie of Tigers that live in Russia Far East. The Hornocker Foundation was one of the first orgainzations outside of Russia to conduct scientific research on the Amur Tiger. It merged later with WCS.

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