Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Tracking the Amur Tiger

I have just returned from a five day visit to Russia Far East (RFE). I went there for a job interview with Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS). It was a very interesting experience and I learned a great deal not only about WCS, but also about the environment and working conditions in RFE. On the first day I wnt straight to Nezhinsky Nature Reserve to meet with the game wardens and NR staff. Stayed over night there and got to try the famous Russian banya (sauna) with an accompanying dip in the cold lake next to it. Then next it was visiting the office in Vladivostok for meetings and interviews there. The last two days was spent in beautiful Lazo NR where Dale Miquelle (the Russia Program Director) and I tracked a tiger for nearly three km along beaches and ridges. We were accompanies by the reserve's "guard" dog that I named Drog (friend in Russian) as he was very friendly. The picture is of me and Drog next to the tiger tracks on one of the beaches.

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