Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Black-naped Oriole (Oriolus chinensis)

Today on the way to the bus stop I suddenly found this little guy right next to (less than half a metre) from the busy Pasir Panjang Road. I reckon it has fallen out of its nest. Being afraid it may be run down by cars, eaten by cats or otherwise not in a position to care for itself I decided to take it home and care for it a few days to see how it is doing before I decide what to do with it. I will probably give it to AVA or call Jurong Bird Park to see if they can take care of it. So far it is doing very well and it has a very healthy appetite.
It also does not look sick or injured so I believe it managed to flap its wings enough to soften the fall. I am comtemplating what to do with it as I do not want it to be dependent on humans in the future. I need to feed it quite regularly, which does not fit my busy school schedule these days. I have decided to name it Sunshine because of its bright yellow colors.

Bird watching is one of my favorite past-times and the Black-Naped Oriole is one of my all time favorite Singaporean birds. To learn a bit more about this species and how it is doing in Singapore you can go this excellent link developed by Ria Tan: Black-naped Oriole


Sunshine has continued to eat very well, indeed a healthy appetite for such a small fellow. Today I decided to take it to Jurong Bird Park. They agreed to take it and it will in all likelihood either be released back to nature after it is fully grown or be displayed in the South East Asia exhibit after passing quarantine. It is a very trusting bird and it let the Jurong Bird Park staff handle it without any protests. They decided to take it. I am sure it will be very happy in the park.

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Anbarasi said...

Good job Trond, I am seeing a chick of BN Oriole for the first time !
nice name "Sunshine" !!!